a2 Nutrition for Mothers (900g) [X3]
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a2 Nutrition for Mothers (900g) [X3]

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a2 Nutrition for Mothers (900g)

a2 Nutrition for mothers™ is made with pure and natural a2 Milk™ .

Our a2 Milk™ is from cows that have been specially selected to naturally produce milk with only the A2 beta-casein protein type.

Fortified with additional nutrients to support the health of mum and her baby, it contains 15 essential vitamins and minerals. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, which includes a variety of foods.

Folic acid to support neural tube development in the foetus+
Iron to support neurological development in the foetus
Iodine to support cognitive function
Zinc for normal fertility & reproduction
Helps sustain mum's energy levels with B vitamins
Vitamin C & magnesium to reduce fatigue
Vitamin D to support normal immune function
100% folic acid dietary intake*
100% calcium dietary intake*
Contains choline#
Contains omega-3 (DHA & EPA)
Contains dietary fibre
Low in fat
No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives & no added sucrose (table sugar)

This product is not suitable for infants and young children. It is designed for women pre, during and post pregnancy.

+ For women of childbearing age. Consume at least 400μg of folic acid/day, at least the month before and three months after conception.

* Based on 2 serves of 230mL per day for a pregnant woman aged 19-30 years.

#Choline to support normal homocysteine metabolism

(Limit 2 sets - 6 units per order) - Customer is advised to take note of the import regulations for milk powder in their country.