Aptamil Profutura Stage 2 (900g) [X3]
Aptamil Profutura Stage 2 (900g) [X3]
Aptamil Profutura Stage 2 (900g) [X3]
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Aptamil Profutura Stage 2 (900g) [X3]

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Aptamil Profutura Stage 2 (900g)

Product Information
Aptamil Profutura 2 is our most premium follow-on formula. It is scientifically researched to help build a strong foundation for your baby’s future.
- Backed by 40 years of Nutricia’s pioneering research.
- Uniquely developed in combination with patented synbiotic blend
- Suitable for healthy infants from 6 months if not being breast fed, or as part of mixed feeding
- Not suitable for infants with cow’s milk protein allergies, lactose intolerance, galactosaemia
- 900g tin format

(Limit 2 sets - 6 units per order) - Customer is advised to take note of the import regulations for milk powder in their country.