Life-Space Probiotic for 60+ Years (60 Capsules)



Australia's No.1 Senior Probiotics.* A premium probiotic formula containing 15 strains of beneficial bacteria, to support general wellbeing and help enhance immune system function in the elderly. Contains 5 strains of Bifidobacteria which may decline naturally in people over the age of 60 years.



Based on scientific evidence, health benefits may include:

- Help enhance immune system function in the elderly

- Support digestive health

- Maintain immune system health

- Support healthy bowel function

- Help restore good gut flora


Each vege-capsule contains: 30 billion CFU
Probiotic Strain - CFU
L. rhamnosus Lr-32 - 7.5 Billion
B. animalis ssp. lactis HN019 - 5.0 Billion
B. lactis Bl-04 - 4.5 Billion
L. paracasei Lpc-37 - 4.0 Billion
L. plantarum Lp-115 - 3.7 Billion
L. casei Lc-11 - 1.5 Billion
S. thermophilus St-21 - 1.5 Billion
B. breve Bb-03 - 750 Million
B. longum BI-05 - 650 Million
L. plantarum CECT 7527 - 200 Million
L. plantarum CECT 7528 - 200 Million
L. plantarum CECT 7529 - 200 Million
B. infantis Bi-26 - 100 Million
L. delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus Lb-87 - 100 Million
L. reuteri 1E1  - 100 Million
Naturally sourced probiotics. Vegetarian friendly formula. No added dairy, gluten, egg, artificial colours or flavours.



Mostly found in such as the digestive system, urinary system, and genital system



Bifidobacteria are one of the major of bacteria that make up the gastrointestinal tract



Among the most abundant in our microbiomes, and they are the predominant microbes in our mouths and throats


CFU=Colony Forming Units

Unit of measurement used for probiotics and other bacteria.



Adults take 1 vegetarian capsule daily with water or as directed by your healthcare professional. 



Always read the label. 

Follow the directions for use. 

Life-Space Probiotic for 60+ Years (60 Capsules)

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