Unichi Saffronia (60 Tablets)


Saffron, the stigmata obtained from the Crocus sativus L. flower, is the world’s most expensive botanic spice. It is also called ‘red gold’, and has a long history in traditional Ayurvedic, Persian and Chinese medicines, being used for disorders of nervous system, stimulate blood circulation, reduce symptoms of PMS and also support healthy skin.

Life can get crazy, and you may not feel right about yourself when you get PMS, however Saffronia it designed to provide relief. Saffron has been traditionally used in Chinese and Iranian medicines for regulation of the menstrual cycle, and it may help to relieve PMS symptoms.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, numbness in your limbs, frequent exhaustion, dark circles under your eyes – are common signs that have been associated with poor blood circulation. Blood circulation problems can affect anyone who isn’t as active as they might be, whatever their age, and it is important to ensure optimal circulation for your health and wellbeing. Saffron has been traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine and Iranian medicine to invigorate blood flow and dispel stasis.

Either in career or life, the path to achieving your goals is rarely smooth. Saffronia is a supplement which helps relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. Saffronia is designed to help you take control of your health and happiness.

Features and Benefits

Saffronia™ contains 100% hand -harvested saffron. The processors, usually women because their hands are smaller, pick the flowers and separate the stigmata. To achieve 1 ounce (28.35 g) of dry saffron, it takes 5,200 flowers, with each flower containing only three stigmata.

Saffron delivers important mental health benefits, including:

- Enhancing positive moods

- Reducing negative feelings

- Increasing vigour

- Reducing stress and anxiety

Key Ingredients

Spanish saffron is considered one of the finest spices in the world. Our ingredient affron® uses saffron that is 100% sourced from the Spanish La Mancha region. It is an area that accounts for a small portion of the world’s production, however the quality is remarkably superior. The harvest window is generally only a few weeks, and when the flowers bloom, usually in late October, the local processors mobilise to make sure that they are picked within the optimum time frame.

A unique and high-quality formulation, Saffronia™ is Australian-manufactured. It is the first saffron supplement to focus on emotional wellbeing in Australia.

- 100% genetically certified

-100% traceable product of Spain

- Sustainable, chemical free farming practises

- Active components analysed by HPLC* (73.5% Lepticrosalides)

*High-performance liquid chromatography or high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a chromatographic method that is used to separate a mixture of compounds in analytical chemistry and biochemistry so as to identify, quantify or purify the individual components of the mixture

Supported by Clinical trials
Saffronia™ has been shown in clinical trials to support mental health disorders, as demonstrated by double-blind tests conducted in both Australia and overseas. Saffronia was the first saffron supplement to focus on emotional wellbeing in Australia.

Unichi Saffronia (60 Tablets)

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